@Florida International University Herbert Wertheim College of Medicine

A 3D printing lab and Makerspace focused on creating anatomical models for interactive classroom instruction

We are on a mission: To change how our students learn about anatomic pathology by using real CT and MRI images to create models to better teach our students.

On the right: Printed models of hypoplastic left heart syndrome and pulmonary atresia.

What We Do

We are creating a 3D printed library of congenital heart defects for an unprecedented educational experience for our medical students.

Embryology is hard. We believe that we can make it easier with 3D printed embryological models for use in the classroom.

We are creating a 3D printed library of various pathologies of various organ systems, for use in the classroom.

Our core belief is that opportunities abound to use novel technologies to engage students and facilitate learning.


Help us find new projects

We are always looking for a new challenge and new ways to use our MakerSpace. Send us an email of your idea at ciavanatomylab@gmail.com

Anatomy should be VISUAL

At the CIAV we have to see it to believe it. We believe that visualization and tactile manipulation of pathological anatomic specimens is key to sustained knowledge acquisition.

Anatomy should be INSPIRING

The human body is awe-inspiring, diverse, and dynamic. Anatomy teaching should be the same, reaching beyond uniform, standard and normal models currently in use across the country.

Anatomy should be FUN

3D printing, VR and AR technologies are revolutionising how many Industries approach their work. We believe medical education should harness the power of these technologies to benefit the future doctors we teach.